eric d. charlton


winner's circle/ triptych in victory


An immersive 3D  digital environment consisting of 360-panoramas uploaded to google earth by the public from around the White House, a 3D scanned bear skull originating from near my hometown, and the audio from five different episodes of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40, ranging in year from 1972-1986.

The White House imagery displays a series of experiences of different individuals who all uploaded their pilgrimage to this nation’s presidential residence. They include many different notable protests and celebrations over the past six years, from a Pro-Trump rally to the color of the Pride flag projected on the White House. With the use of a simple controller the viewer rotates the camera and can switch through the different panoramas while the bear skulls float around aimlessly, blasting Casey Kasem’s hierarchy of pop music louder as they approach the user.


collaborative work

copyright eric d. charlton. 2021. all rights reserved.