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This project functions as a way for me as the artist to achieve a higher rate of analysis of the associative possibilities between objects. Each sculpture is made from a series of prompts provided by a program that I have created and collaborated with. The program sources objects from a database of the most popular items from the websites of Home Depot, IKEA, and The Container Store. These stores were chosen for their promise to the consumer to provide simple, cheap life enhancements. The program then randomly chose two to five objects to put together in a prompt for analysis. I then choose which prompts to activate in physical space. Prompts can be chosen for a variety of reasons, including social commentary or bizarre juxtaposition. It also has a lot to do with their aesthetic appearance in the catalog, which acts as a great equalizer, as it aims to put the objects in a contextless environment. Once the prompts are chosen, secondary prompts are gathered based on the objects in the primary prompt. 

drunk on permanence. 


most better 


desert values

escape gallery

a to b

mined. reclaimed.

blief systems


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